Free Java Learning Resources

Java has grown from humble origins to power a major portion of today’s digital world by offering a stable platform around which numerous services and applications are built. Java continues to be used in the development of new, cutting-edge digital products and services. Here is our recommended list for the best Java online learning platforms. Check back in regularly to see our updated list!

Online Learning Platforms

1) Udemy, Java for Complete Beginners

Over 1.2 million people have taken this free Java course on Udemy. It’s indeed possible to take this course whether if you are a newbie in programming or already know a programming language and wish to learn Java. Udemy’s Java 2022 course is currently free, and we believe it will always be free on the site.


You don’t need to download or install anything to take advantage of this no-cost introduction to Java. You can learn Java in a matter of minutes with this interactive course. Another benefit of the course is that it includes material for advanced students as well.

3) Codementor

Codementor’s Java learning resources include tutorials, classes, and practical advice for programmers. Java-related news, articles about coding, and programming activities are all available here. Prominent universities like MIT and Duke University are also mentioned in their list of course recommendations. 

4) Coursera [Free Object-Oriented Programming in Java]

As another online learning portal, Coursera provides free intermediate Java courses from prominent institutions and corporations such as Google and IBM. With a little expertise in software development and/or computer science, you can attend Duke University’s free course to master object-oriented programming.

5) CodersLegacy

Java tutorials in the form of step-by-step guides may be found on yet another fantastic website. The majority of the site’s content is geared toward beginners, although there are also sections on File Handling, Apache CSV, JavaFX, and more.

6) Learn Java from Scratch

An online learning platform for programmers, Educative allows Java applications to run immediately from your browser, which means you don’t need to download the JDK or install any IDE, define your PATH and Classpath, instead you can just execute your Java program on your browser. After completing this Java course, you will be able to work independently on Java projects of varying complexity. If you prefer reading to watching videos, this Java course is for you.

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